About Pantone

Mr. Paul Pantone is passionate on innovative inventions. He is an inventor and teacher. He also teaches GEET. He used his guest house as a classroom to teach students about his inventions. Many students came to his house just to have a look at the inventions. Later they wanted to know about the basic idea behind these inventions. He invented a 25 caliber log splitter which was big hit those days. He named it as Renegade. Paul developed an instant paint for which he was threatened by many companies as they do not want to lose their business. So he backed off. Over 450 inventions were invented by Paul Pantone. He married a woman of his dream Molly on a stage at the exotic research conference. He was such a noble person that he forgave the people who worked against him.
Even now he is helping students to start their own business. He assists students through a email plan. He use email as a platform to teach students about his discoveries and inventions. A lot of patience is required to learn the basics of his discoveries. “You cannot learn everything in a single day. I try to teach my experience to students who wish to learn from me.” This statement of Paul Pantone shows his desire to share his knowledge among children. Students share their funny experiences during new discoveries with Paul. He feels excited when his students invent something new. His wife Molly explained him about physics more than anyone else in this world.

He has dedicated his school of technology to Molly. She is his support in doing God’s work. She also plays a significant role in bringing into the light his new discoveries. She has dedicated her life to share her knowledge with children who are seeking it.
Now Paul Manton teaches GEET along with his inventions. He limits the classes so that he can offer the best to his students.